3-D and Airway Centered Orthodontics

At Ferrari Orthodontics, every treatment begins with low radiation 3-D images of the patient.

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No method of straightening teeth matches Invisalign® for comfort, convenience and confidence.

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Dr. Claire Ferrari is the best possible choice for orthodontia for kids and adults alike. Dr. Ferrari uses state-of-the-art technology for her diagnosis and treatment planning. Before making any final decision for orthodontia, I would get an opinion from Dr. Ferrari. She did a beautiful job for me and has worked with our daughter.

Claudia C.
Berkeley, CA

Dr. Ferrari takes the time to not only describe forthcoming procedures directly to patients of all ages to ensure that they'll make the most of their orthodontia and also understand why they need to do what's needed. This serves to empower patients to make the most of what's needed and help expedite the process.

Elisse G.
Berkeley, CA

I can’t recommend Dr. Ferrari enough! The care we have received from her and her office staff is stellar. They are great with children and a dream to work with: extremely responsive, kind, efficient, skilled, flexible and … dare I say it fun…? Of course no one really wants to get orthodontic work done (and many of us cringe at the price tag) but if you have to, do it here – worth every penny!

Lorraine L.
Berkeley, CA

I cannot praise Dr. Ferrari enough. My son was a perfect candidate for maxillofacial surgery (yikes!!), and Dr. Ferrari was able to treat him with dedication while considering our fear for this surgery. After two years my son's teeth look amazing, and without surgery !!! Thank you Dr. Ferrari—my daughter is next!

R. F.
Berkeley, CA

Dr. Ferrari, Ann and all of her staff are outstanding! Both my kids are currently her patients using Invisalign. The professional care is excellent and by far better than the other orthodontist office we used to go. Plus, the personal attention given to each of my kids is remarkable.

H. S.
Berkeley, CA

For thirteen years I worked as a dental hygienist and for three as a dental assistant. I have seen a lot of good and a lot of mediocre dentistry. I highly recommend Dr. Claire Ferrari! Dr. Ferrari does not only care about straightening teeth, but she looks at the person as whole, and is interested in a person’s overall health as well. She is a master of implementing preventive measures in children to avoid future problems in adulthood. Her combination of many years of experience, state of the art technology, passion, and compassion make her an exemplary orthodontist! I sought Dr. Ferrari’s care to have a night guard fitted because I grind my teeth resulting in bone loss. I had many options of clinicians to choose from, but I traveled quite far for her care because I trust her. Dr. Ferrari utilizes the latest state of the art technology. She has also been working with the practice of airway orthodontics, the alignment of the jaw, and its connection to restorative sleep. She conducted a sleep study which showed that my oxygen levels go down throughout the night, preventing me from getting restorative sleep. I learned that many of my health symptoms, GERD, cold hands, dizziness, postnasal drip, are resulting from UARS - upper airway resistance syndrome (which I didn’t know existed). Instead of fitting me with a night guard Dr. Ferrari fitted me with an appliance to wear at night to bring my jaw forward, thus opening the airway. I immediately felt a difference! Dr. Claire Ferrari’s passion to help people comes through in every step she takes. Her office reflects her as a person…beautiful, caring, relaxed, comfortable, and connected to and respecting nature. I guarantee that you will be happy and again, I highly and enthusiastically recommend Ferrari Orthodontics!

Elaine P
Berkeley, CA