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A whole body approach to oral wellness

At Ferrari Orthodontics, we want you to not only look great, but also feel great, which is why we approach your care holistically.

The benefits of our approach

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More aesthetic results

When we treat the underlying causes of crooked teeth, the results are far superior. The smile fills the corners of the mouth and the jaws are more balanced, which both looks and feels better.

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Enhanced performance

Patients with improved nasal airflow and tongue space notice improvements in attention, sports performance, and sleep.

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Greater jaw comfort

When we make proper space for the teeth, there is more room for the lower jaw to rest properly, reducing pain and muscle tightness.

Why early orthodontic treatment matters

Early intervention promotes proper growth and development of the face and jaws. With proactive treatment, we can help make space for your child’s developing permanent teeth and help them erupt in a better position, preventing extractions.

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A new era of orthodontics

High-tech high-touch produces better long-term outcomes.

  • We believe in 3D imaging, because humans are not two-dimensional

  • Collaboration is key to improving patient care

  • Time is built into our schedule to personally connect with each patient

Frequently asked questions

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