Treatment for the whole family

Options for everyone in the family

We consider how the alignment of your teeth and jaw affect your overall health. That’s why we offer a wide variety of state-of-the-art treatments to help improve not only how you look, but also how you feel.

Treatments for Invisalign

Invisalign® for ease and comfort.

We are Top 1% Diamond Invisalign® providers.

We use the iTero ElementTM 5D Itero scanner to record a complete view of your teeth to ensure personalized, custom treatment.

Invisalign® is removable for personal hygiene, making it easy to brush and floss.

Invisalign First™

Designed for growing children, Invisalign First® helps promote healthy development in young jaws and/or arches to make room for both existing teeth and incoming permanent teeth.

Invisalign® Teen

An appealing alternative to wires and brackets, Invisalign® Teen is less restrictive, more comfortable, and nearly invisible. With less in-office visits required, this option naturally accommodates teens’ busy schedules.

Adult Invisalign®

Discreet, comfortable and convenient, Invisalign® works quickly and effectively, making it an ideal option for adults looking to improve their appearance.

Ferrari Orthodontics Braces Treatment

Braces are another great tool for aligning teeth.

For patients who would rather not worry about changing trays or those who like the idea of choosing colors to show off their personality, braces are an ideal option.

We offer both metal and clear braces.

Ferrari Orthodontics Airway Treatment

Breathe better, sleep better, think better with airway-focused orthodontic treatment.

“The doctor can see you now” takes on a new meaning with the advent of 3D technology.

3D imaging allows us to observe airway issues that would otherwise remain undetected by traditional 2D scans. We’ll work closely with you to determine the best course of treatment which may include expansion, oral appliances, or surgery.

Treatment goals include:

Well balanced faces

Treatment that improves the airway also improves aesthetics and balance of the jaws.

Healthy jaw joints

Having more space for the jaw to “sit” comfortably generally reduces pain and degeneration of the joints.

Improved sleep and overall well-being

Airway therapy has helped many of our patients phase out their CPAP machine.

Ferrari Orthodontics Interdisciplinary Treatment

Collaborative Treatment.

We collaborate with other providers, if necessary, to help you get the best outcome possible. Our network includes not only dental professionals, but also medical doctors, sleep specialists, osteopaths, speech pathologists, and myofunctional therapists.

Ferrari Orthodontics Virtual Care Treatment

Virtual care

Following essential in-office treatments, we can monitor your treatment progress virtually, saving you time and energy. Virtual treatments are also a great option for patients who are traveling or live a distance away.

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