Dr. Alena Larios, DDS

Meet Dr. Alena Larios

When I was 10 ½, I was asked to write what I wanted to do when I grew up.

My answer? Orthodontist.

I remember going to dental appointments as a kid in sunny Southern California and being excited to see my orthodontist. He was genuinely interested and attentive, and his office was a fun, uplifting place. More than anything, I was fascinated to discover how much of an impact I could make on someone’s life by creating their ideal smile.

As an undergrad at UC Berkeley, I fell in love with the Bay Area and returned for my residency at UCSF. During this time I became an avid runner and progressed from running half marathons to full marathons. I then started practicing yoga in dental school and went on more hikes, and most recently I added cycling to my repertoire of hobbies (The view from Grizzly Peak can’t be beat!).

The more I studied the airway component of orthodontics, the more I realized that I couldn’t do any of my favorite things if I couldn’t breathe through my nose properly. I maintain this mindset while treating patients—I want you to be able to enjoy your favorite activities, too!

To me, achieving good function is harmonious with the beautiful macro to micro-aesthetics of a smile. I care about it all and that it is the highest quality for my patients, which is why I attend multiple continuing education courses yearly. The only way to continue perfecting my craft is to keep studying it.

Like the doctor who inspired me at an early age, I want you to feel at ease at Ferrari Orthodontics. My mission is to work closely with you or your child to achieve your orthodontic goals and breathe easier. This practice and community is my home, and I want it to feel like yours also.

I am excited to go to work every day and am grateful for my partnership with Dr. Ferrari. Not only do we learn from one another (as fellow science nerds, we love talking about treatment plans), you get two doctors looking out for you from start to finish.

What Our Patients Say

"Dr. Larios prioritizes patients overall health as a whole over just aligning the teeth. She installed a MSE expander, which has allowed me to breathe easier and sleep better. She’s also designed my Invisalign journey, and each time explains how the alignment she designed will improve my health and breathing as well as aesthetics. It is clear she takes her time to be thorough with each case, and I feel very well taken care of with the professional and personal care Dr. Larios gives her patients."

- Haley L. | Mountain View, CA

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