Ferrari Orthodontics
Meet Dr. Claire Ferrari

Dr. Ferrari has been an orthodontist for over 20 years and recently started her own practice to incorporate CBCT and airway analysis using 3D imaging that is lower radiation than standard 2D orthodontic imaging. She is an expert at Invisalign treatment, even using invisalign on cases that require surgery, as well as overcoming the need for surgery with the use of Invisalign in many cases. Her practice is high touch/high tech and her focus is on the whole patient. She really cares about her patients and strives to reduce treatment times and provide a warm caring and beautiful environment. Her new office is state of the art and beautifully designed. Her philosophy is to bring her patients to the state that nature intended with a healthy airway and beautifully functioning bite, since in orthodontics form follows function. Dr. Ferrari is a specialist in Craniofacial development and loves her work.

Dr. Ferrari grew up with orthodontics, working with her father, who was an orthodontist from an early age. She received her dental degree from the University of Michigan where she received numerous awards. She completed her orthodontic training at the University of Washington, Seattle where she also received awards for her research. She completed a three-year post-graduate fellowship in craniofacial anomalies at the UCSF. She was on faculty at UCSF and, and on the craniofacial anomalies team at Oakland Children's Hospital for many years.

Dr. Ferrari has traveled extensively. She lived in Ireland where she taught dentistry at Trinity College, and has been on volunteer missions treating patients with facial deformities in Nepal, Chile and Argentina.

Dr. Ferrari's personal interests are influenced by her love of the environment and her spiritual studies. She lives in Berkeley with her husband and three children (and multiple farm animals).


Orthodontics for the Whole Person


Dr. Ferrari pays attention to jaw joints and airways. She is very interested in the origin of malocclusion and agrees with the theory that our diet and lifestyle has an effect on our facial growth. Clearly there is a strong genetic influence on facial growth and Dr. Ferrari was involved in basic science research into the genetics of facial development while she was a fellow at UCSF. However, there are also environmental influences on the growth of the face. When these environmental and genetic influences have caused a developing malocclusion or difficulty breathing, Dr. Ferrari helps patients re-establish a state of harmony which can influence the room they have for the developing teeth and the room they have to breathe as well.  When evaluating a patient, Dr. Ferrari takes into consideration sleep habits and behavior issues as well as posture, diet, and tongue function. She is very attuned to the aesthetics of her patients and their treatment, but is also of the philosophy that teeth that function well tend to look good.

Invisalign and i-CAT imaging — Orthodontics at the leading edge

Ferrari Orthodontics offers patients comprehensive and effective orthodontic treatment with the most advanced technology available. As one of the only orthodontists in the U.S. to use both i-CAT FLX Cone Beam 3-D imaging and Invisalign®, Dr. Ferrari has the diagnostic information to design treatment plans that are both correct and efficient. Invisalign clear aligners have given beautiful smiles to hundreds of thousands of teens, children and adults.

Invisalign is practically invisible, so nothing comes between you and your new smile—and there are no metal bands to irritate your mouth. It is easier to clean your teeth and you can eat anything you want.

Dr. Ferrari uses 3-D imaging to build a virtual model of each patient including the jaw bones and roots of the teeth. Dr. Ferrari specializes in invisalign-based treatments for patients who require orthognathic surgery and in some cases can help them use Invisalign to avoid orthognathic surgery altogether.


Dr. Claire Ferrari is the best possible choice for orthodontia for kids and adults alike. Dr. Ferrari uses state-of-the-art technology for her diagnosis and treatment planning. Before making any final decision for orthodontia, I would get an opinion from Dr. Ferrari. She did a beautiful job for me and has worked with our daughter.

Claudia C.
Berkeley, CA

Dr. Ferrari takes the time to not only describe forthcoming procedures directly to patients of all ages to ensure that they'll make the most of their orthodontia and also understand why they need to do what's needed. This serves to empower patients to make the most of what's needed and help expedite the process.

Elisse G.
Berkeley, CA

I can’t recommend Dr. Ferrari enough! The care we have received from her and her office staff is stellar. They are great with children and a dream to work with: extremely responsive, kind, efficient, skilled, flexible and … dare I say it fun…? Of course no one really wants to get orthodontic work done (and many of us cringe at the price tag) but if you have to, do it here – worth every penny!

Lorraine L.
Berkeley, CA

I cannot praise Dr. Ferrari enough. My son was a perfect candidate for maxillofacial surgery (yikes!!), and Dr. Ferrari was able to treat him with dedication while considering our fear for this surgery. After two years my son's teeth look amazing, and without surgery !!! Thank you Dr. Ferrari—my daughter is next!

R. F.
Berkeley, CA

Dr. Ferrari, Ann and all of her staff are outstanding! Both my kids are currently her patients using Invisalign. The professional care is excellent and by far better than the other orthodontist office we used to go. Plus, the personal attention given to each of my kids is remarkable.

H. S.
Berkeley, CA